Hello, my name is Madri
I’m a freelance Web and Social Media Designer – Crafting visually stunning designs.
Designing With a Passion for Creating Intuitive and User-Friendly Designs.

“Welcome to my portfolio of user experience and web design projects. I believe that great design is about solving problems and creating intuitive, visually appealing interfaces that make technology more accessible and enjoyable to use. I have a passion for crafting digital experiences that are not only functional, but also visually stunning. Whether it’s a website, mobile application, or any other digital product, I approach every project with user-centered design principles, turning complex problems into simple, elegant solutions. I hope you enjoy exploring my work as much as I enjoyed creating it.”

Bakery App

This is an UX Design case study for the Google UX Design Professional Certificate.  It is a mobile application for a bakery.

Small business directory

This is the second portfolio design project for the Google UX Design Certificate.  It’s a case study for a small business directory.

Healthy eating app and website

The third project is a “learning to eat healthy food” responsive website and mobile application UX case study for social good.

What Services I'm Providing

UI/UX Design

I’m just starting with my journey as an UX Designer.

Web Design

I’ve can build you a website for your business.  Mainly small businesses and portfolio websites.  I can also help you with setting up you hosting, planning your website and setting up content managing for easy editing.

Social Media Marketing

I create Social media posts for your business on Facebook, Instagram.  I can help you with your social media marketing calendar.

Work Experience

Web Developer
2021- 2023

I’ve studied Web Development with GetSmarter at the University of Cape Town.  It was a 10 week course learning HTML and CSS.  I’m do not have lots of experience yet and are still learning.

Web Developer
Web Designer

I design websites with WordPress, Wix and Webflow.  Mainly Portfolio websites.

Web Designer
UX Design

I thoroughly enjoyed learning about UX Design and would love to work in this field.

UX Designer
Graphic Designer

I can design a logo or other branding material, posters, social media posts, book covers and related.

Graphic Designer
Social Media Marketing

I design most of my social media marketing posts on Canva.  It is easy and fast to make a post.

"Best easy to use App Design" DesignRush

DesignRush is the leading trends and awards platform that has laureled brands such as Prada, FIFA, Fenty, Sefa Spices, and many others.  They want to list my design, the ‘Cherry On Top Bakery App’ project, among the best easy-to-use app designs in their upcoming article.  Here is a link to their Best Design Awards of 2023 page.  

Stay In Touch

Thank you for visiting my Home page and I look forward to connecting with you soon.